19th Conservation Day – Event Visual Identity, Roadshow, and Promotions


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In order to celebrate OPCF’s 19th Conservation Day, we’ve created the first-ever visual identity for the event and produced a series of promotional materials. We also helped OPCF organised a pop-up roadshow in Mong Kok on International Biodiversity Day to raise public awareness about endangered animal conservation.


  • Increase awareness and exposure of the Conservation Day of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong
  • Educate and encourage public to turn their love into actions and protect the wildlife with clear conservation message and interesting and fun design
Sample Image

International Biodiversity Day Roadshow: Volunteers with Photo Props

Content Strategy

Visual Identity

To enhance public awareness of the Conservation Day

The logo is designed to represent the Conservation Day, an annual event of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation. This is the first logo ever for this event, and it can be tweaked with a new theme and used for future Conservation Day.

Sample Image
Sample Image

Pop-up Roadshow

Win-Win Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event

Attractive graphics are often good attention grabbers. A series of promotional materials (e.g. banner, photo-taking props, and game instruction board) were designed and produced for OPCF to set up a roadshow booth in Mong Kok to celebrate International Biodiversity Day, which is a great successful event, sponsored by M&M’S® and Liveturf.

Eco-friendly Souvenir

Educational take-away gift to enhance effectiveness

An infographic with 3 simple conservational messages to protect Chinese white dolphin, seahorse, and horseshoe crab are illustrated on a souvenir fan. This has turned a branded recycled plastic fan to a meaningful, educational tool.

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On behalf of OPCFHK, I would like to express our gratitude to Cou4 Interactive for your professionalism on our project which not only enhanced the show quality of the campaigns, but also helped raise awareness on wildlife conservation in an innovative, creative and highly effective way with the aid of infographic.

Ms. Joe Cheung

Assistant Community Education Manager
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong

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