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On Jan 11, 2014, the renovated education panels in the “Amazing Asian Animals” exhibition hall were opened to celebrate the 19th Conservation Day of Ocean Park. The education panels offer cross-media, O2O experience for visitors to explore and learn about endangered animal conservation through interactive tricks and online animated videos under the theme of “Endangered Animal Rescue Team”.


  • Award of Excellence
    2014 APEX Awards
    Public Service Campaigns, Programs & Plans


  • Educate public about endangered animal conservation in Asia
  • Facilitate interaction to learn more about conservation in a fun and interesting way
  • Encourage social media sharing and donation to OPCF
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Campaign Theme

Campaign Overview

The theme of the entire interactive display is “Rescue Team”.
The following stages are developed to promote the conservation messages:

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  1. Take a photo at the photo booth to become a rescue team member
  2. Introduce the rescue targets (endangered animals) and missions (how to rescue the animals)
  3. Illustrate the threats to the endangered animals, attract visitors to rescue them (play with the tricks or watch motion graphics)
  4. Provide take-away conservation tips that visitors can do in their daily life
  5. Encourage visitors to support OPCF by showing them some successful rescue cases that OPCF has conducted

Conservation Exhibition Overview

Content Strategy

Our content strategy encourages online and offline interactions. All conservation messages are presented in a fun and entertaining way, visitors are encouraged to actively participate in the rescue journey, so they can better recall the conservation tips and practice them in their daily life.

Photo Booth

Encourage visitors to take some funny photos and share them on social media

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At the ID-card photo booth, visitors are recurited to become an endangered animal rescuer

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Salute to the visitors and invite them to take and share the photos on social media (e.g. Facebook) with hashtag e.g. #OPCF, #AnimalLover

Animal Cards

Rescue mission briefing to begin the journey

  • Locate the endangered animals in a map of Asia, and introduce their conservation status, threats, and their unique features
  • Introduce how to participate in the next “Rescue in Action” section
  • QR codes to bring visitors to OPCF website to learn more information
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Rescue-in-Action Thematic Animations

Watch video with their mobile devices to save the endangered animals

  • Scanning QR code with mobile devices will bring visitors to a mobile site to watch motion graphics that explain the threats to the endangered animals
  • Different stories for three endangered animals to illustrate the threats they are facing, so that visitors can learn about conservation in a more fun way
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Giant Panda – Love

Rescue team restored the bamboo forest and the pandas meet again.

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Chinese Crested Tern – Family

Rescue team catches the thief and returned the egg to the tern family.

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Whale Shark – Friendship

Rescue team catches the thief to release the shark.

Interactive Tricks

Find out what the threats to the endangered animals are

  • Simply flip a board cover, visitors actively discover how to rescue the animals from threats
  • Great activity for parents to teach their children to about animal conservation
  • Restore to original position automatically, allowing the next visitor to experience from the beginning
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Takeaway Messages

Provide important conservation tips and OPCF’s successful stories

  • Introduce OPCF’s mission and values
  • Tell success stories in saving endangered animals to encourage more donation
  • Takeaway messages for visitors to do in daily life

Animation Features

We studied and researched the animal conservation information, and then put them into storyline. The campaign message instantly becomes more entertaining and compelling.

The creation of the motion graphics involves character design, storyboarding, keyframing. Characters and related graphics are carefully designed to fit the realistic yet fun style. Storyboards and key frames are crafted to illustrate the stories.

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Character Design and Story Board


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Increase brand exposure and encourage donation

  • Demonstrate OPCF’s mission and vision through illustrating successful endangered animal saving stories
  • Interesting design attracts visitors to share the photos on social media, thus to enhance the publicity of OPCF
  • The overall engagement percentage raised over a double from 6.5% to 14%. The interactive display has successfully engaged the visitors learn more about wildlife conservation
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For Visitors

Increase brand exposure and encourage donation

  • Through interacting with the display, visitors can obtain the conservation tips in a fun and interesting way
  • It is also an excellent approach for parents to educate their kids about conservation of wildlife
  • Simple conversation messages for visitors to learn and apply to their daily life


In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the interactive display, OPCFHK has conducted an engagement survey internally before and after the interactive display was installed.


Overall Engagement Percentage, compared to prior-renovation


On behalf of OPCFHK, I would like to express our gratitude to Cou4 Interactive for your professionalism on our project which not only enhanced the show quality of the campaigns, but also helped raise awareness on wildlife conservation in an innovative, creative and highly effective way with the aid of infographic.

Ms. Joe Cheung

Assistant Community Education Manager
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong

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